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The simplicity is in the small things

Simple concept, but very difficult to find, because the we can find any where, from sunrise to sunset, from the gift given by a dear person to the blossoming of a flower, and so onThe answer is very simple: in it there we can find the simplicity: simplicity in the get to know each other, simplicity in friendship, simplicity in sharing ideas and thoughts with others, ease in dialogue. Before reaching this point, let's start from the beginning, that is, from the explanation of the term 'chat'.

But what does the chat with this claim

Chat comes from the English verb 'to chat', 'chat'. It is a virtual place where people of any age and from any part of the world can come together and have pleasant conversations between them. In this way, you can get the union between the several traditions, cultures, and peoples. In fact, people that connects not only of Italy, but also France, Germany, Austria, Korea, etc, it is very easy to also transmit information on their locations of origin, legends, customs, styles of life and, why not, also the language. There are several functions available to make the environment more peaceful and harmonious, among these the use of cute smilies. To be able to use registration is not required, nor the installation of any particular program. Through them, you can show everyone your mood. In addition, it is also very easy to use them, because the 'code' is a very quick and easy to remember. There are many and very colourful, from the love to the one who cries, from the alcoholic to the desperate and so on. A further function is to request the song via the following command: en title author. The bot will send you the YouTube link of what you have requested, which may also be one of your videos, not only music, but everything, in the respect of the regulation. Our chat is free, the Italian, without the obligation of registration and moderate, so join us on chat-without-registration.

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