We hope that the directors will decide to take a step back

Well, yes, that is successChatroulette (website official) has changed radically its policy and, in my opinion has made a serious mistake. Now not only will the user be forced to register with the site by specifying a user name and a password (in addition to an email address) but it will be even forced to pay. You understand very well. Of course, what is reported on the site this is just a precautionary measure intended to prevent abuse of the service, but if you look at the facts, the result will always be the same. The sum is symbolic. the $ is taken from the PayPal account of the user, and subsequently refunded. Well, my question is: how many users in the world today use PayPal and have an account that is actually available. Knows the creator of Chat roulette in certain parts of the world, PayPal is absolutely unknown, and that the country could not even wanting to avail of its services.

So, long story very short it seems to us that Chatroulette, this time, has made a resounding own goal.

Try to monetize in this world hoping then who the verified users choose to buy tokens is absolutely absurd and contrary to the principle of the same that has seen the birth and the success of the website. If the directors do not return immediately retrace their steps, soon they will lose millions of users who will turn to other shores (have thousands sites of clone chat roulette nowadays), thus losing a lot of money. We would like to clarify that this is just my opinion, it is said that things really will be so. But what I can say with certainty is that I first of all, I will stop to use the services of chatroulette is the same is true for many of my friends definitely dissatisfied because of this move. I am disappointed deeply to see that a service is free as it has been for years Chatroulette bowed to the logic of the market in this way.

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