Love with the world's TV Format Project of Universal Communication

Today we open the doors of the Fifth Dimension

Opening today at the fair of Sport and well-being in Novegro, where we are present with our colourful stand until tomorrow evening (October)Filmed in one of my perfect places, a magical forest, enchanted, and magical, an extraordinary painting. Shots taken on the last day of Summer, a time of cosmic very important. The new video, presented in Bergamo, takes us into a world of Light and Love, coloured by steps emotional at times, sweet, adventurous, romantic, mystical, delicate, And powerful, the third generation video of the miniseries Love with the World, with rhythms more and more pushed, and great pictures, Come with me.

Good news for all friends of the friends of the Piedmont

To all the friends of Lazio, in the centre of the village, in the HEART of Italy here is the complete series Love with the World, broadcast on the Channel. Dedicated to the majestic beauty of the Earth and of the Wind in the Land of the Wind. The first tests of the cover to the delicate and colorful short film CODE OF REBIRTH which is complete in the combination of artistic narrative, with the book published years ago. Will be GRP tv program to brief the entire series of Love with the World and Circles of Light. Approaching the beautiful season of travel, holidays, trips and itineraries, and many are gearing up and organizing, maybe you are changing the camper, which you were so fond of and has accompanied for a long, unforgettable moments of beauty.

Certainly the alleged everyday life provides us with colors based mostly on the shades of grey tending to black, but it is not here that we must focus, while on the news we poison of false theatre, junk media of every kind and dirtiness of the degrading, life around us does the same cycles, always alternating scenarios that we can grasp only by changing the stage, maybe a few seconds, a moment, that moment where the sky opens up to give us something extraordinary Here it is: that moment is the instant most precious that we can capture, preserve and keep for a long time.

Awareness of what life And not what life tells us that it should be. To supplement the film production is also a colorful and profound short film made in the land of the wind, and inspired by the book"CODE OF REBIRTH-Great news for the friends of the Campania region: the entire series of Love with the World and the format, Circles of Light, We, the Superheroes, together with the great short films of our production will soon be scheduled on ITALIATV. May: Milan's friends ASSOCIATION ST JOSEPH ENTREPRENEUR has presented THE COMPANY's IDEAS. In the course of the full day of events and presentations we attended the open day with a stand for the buildup to the film that now looms as a concrete and definite reality for the next year. The spectacular mini show Photon: the Love with the world. Meters on the mountain Interlude. A great show of lights and colors in the energies of the sky above. For all those who wish to join, come forward and participate in the next meeting will be held in Milan at the Parish of Santa Rita and San Michele in Piazza Gabrio Rosa - Way of the Sixteenth Day of meetings excellent in the context of the partners for the project Movie Sharing and not only. Extraordinary locations and great professionals, studios and facilities of the highest level.

In short we both agree on for aspiring artists, actors, musicians and creative people in general, the indications to participate in the acting workshops film with Joseph at the space Site and for the production of music (piano, guitar, drums) and Andrea Zuppino in Milan.

At the end of the day the sky has shown that the path is the right one.

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