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The country's closest neighbors are Finland and Norway

Kingdom of Sweden it is one of the Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe

Sweden's coast is washed by the Baltic sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.

The Capital Of Sweden Is Stockholm. Most of the country is located in a temperate climate zone, which makes traveling to Sweden pleasant at any time of the year. However, the regions of the North located beyond the Arctic circle are below the climatic range. The country's weather conditions are unique: hot summers, harsh winters and rainy off-seasons. In mid-summer, the air warms up to°, and in winter, the temperature can fall below -°. Holidays in Sweden can be either summer or winter, depending on the preferences of tourists and their fellow travelers. The official language is Swedish, but almost all residents speak good English. With the company. Tourists from Sweden can take the St. Petersburg-Helsinki - Stockholm - Tallinn ferry to Sweden. Sweden, which is a member of the If the applicant is a citizen of the Schengen agreement and travels to this Scandinavian country, it must issue a Schengen visa to each tourist from the Russian Federation and other CIS countries. Travelers can apply with a set of documents for obtaining a visa at the Consulate or visa center of the country, in the expert press Secretary of an intermediary between tourists and foreign diplomatic agencies. There are no barriers to visiting Sweden, which is not a citizen of the European Union. A valid passport entitles tourists and their companions from EU countries, as well as from North America, to stay in Sweden for three months without a visa. Swedish customs does not restrict tourists arriving on holiday when importing or exporting foreign currency and in local currency. Travelers and their accompanying persons can import alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and perfumes into the country duty-free. It is recommended to pay attention to the fact that the age of the travelers carrying alcohol on the territory of the Kingdom, may must be at least twenty years old. It is forbidden to export old valuables, plants and animals from the territory of the Kingdom without permission. Sweden has gained an international reputation as a country of foodies. Traditional home-cooked dishes may seem like something common to travelers and their fellow travelers compared to Haute cuisine from other European countries. But the abundance of delicacies convinces anyone who doubts that Sweden is a true"gourmet Paradise". The basis of the Royal cuisine is, of course, the famous"buffet"with hot and cold dishes presented simultaneously. The traditional buffet includes salted fish (often herring), smoked eel, sweet roast beef,"aspic"(meat or fish), boiled potatoes or (meat pie with onions and cream, sprinkled with small anchovies) and - (mini meatballs). The special Swedish chef loves fish and seafood. No country in the world can surpass Sweden in the number of ways to cook salmon and herring.

Two Islands in the Baltic sea belong to the Kingdom

This incredible one the delicacy offers a method of fermenting herring, which they eat exclusively in the open air because of the unpleasant smell. In addition to the differences between Swedish cuisine and European culinary traditions, travelers travel throughout the Kingdom waiting to learn about the culinary differences. (a pork roll full of potato dumplings) speaks of Sweden in the North. Restaurants in the South of the tourist region offer fried potatoes, eggs, meat or ham cut into cubes. A vacation on the Eastern coast of the Kingdom will not be complete without tasting (silver herring). Sweden is by no means joking when it calls the Kingdom"milk". The country is famous for its abundance of milk and dairy products. Swedes love yogurt, yogurt and delicious cheese. In the Kingdom, there are restrictions on the sale Of alcoholic beverages in the country.

However, tourists can try the Swedish version of mulled wine, which is usually served at Christmas.

The national currency of the Kingdom of Sweden. Tourists and their adults and children accompanying persons can pay for goods or services in euros. Change currency in the Kingdom hotels, banks, hotels, supermarkets and post offices. Exchange offices charge a Commission on exchange operations, which can be expressed as a percentage of the transaction or Vice versa. In all Swedish cities, tourists who decide to go to this Scandinavian country can pay for their trip using the main payment systems that use credit cards. For tourists, it is not a problem to withdraw cash from ATMs, as well as to cash tourist checks. In Sweden, tourists can take their VAT number with them when shopping. The system works for large purchases. Upon presentation of the export receipt, the seller asks guests in the country to present their passport. The purchase must be exported within a maximum of a few days after its completion. There are fifteen UNESCO world heritage sites in the country.

While on holiday in Sweden, travelers should not miss out on the opportunity see some of these wonderful places.

To get acquainted with the culture of the country in the museums of Stockholm, Gothenburg and other cities, we advise tourists to pay attention to the souvenir shops that are open on the territory of museums.

After you have spent your vacation in the museums of Sweden, tourists can buy colorful postcards, handmade products and fascinating Souvenirs.

Shopping in Sweden is very expensive.

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