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All good afternoon, look at this site

Once you are here, it means that you are as interested in English as I amAnd meeting people whose interests coincide with yours is always common in Europe and around the world.

About a million people are interested in it, especially the inhabitants of the Scandinavian Peninsula, where it has spread.

The same Swedish for the Autonomous Islands of Alanda, which are part of Finland.

Speaking about the structure of the language, it can be noted that in Sweden there are many different variants of the language, so-called dialects, with signs of independence.

Now select the main dialect groups: one of the phonetic features is the presence of long and short sounds and the balance of syllables. Individual students start learning Swedish and find it very beautiful, with a melodic sound. When we talk about grammar, Swedish, unlike Swedish, combines the genders of men and women into one gender.

And then something like normal and average

A characteristic difference is also the absence of cases. Now the language school offers a correspondence course in Swedish on Skype, which is a more in-depth and tourist course. The deep course is designed for those who want to learn Swedish as a second language, which is necessary for business communication or moving to Sweden. In fact, there are a lot of people in the Scandinavian countries now, where the standard of living is much higher against the background of the changes that are taking place in our country, where unemployment is increasing, where there is stability and a typical way of life for all the Nordic countries.

Many people who want to learn Swedish face a number of challenges problems include the lack of suitable literature, and the inability to find an experienced tutor.

Although self-study is not recommended, people who learn a foreign language often experience difficulties in the future, such as pronunciation. In fact, only an experienced tutor can correct incorrect pronunciation of sounds and words in time. And if a person has learned the pronunciation incorrectly, then it is very difficult to correct it, and often it is very difficult or impossible. Practice the problem also with an experienced tutor so that you don't need more than an experienced teacher.

So there is no need to save money in a foreign language, it is enough to use a good tutor, although not always work with them, but at the initial level, when the basics of the language are more perceived.

Later, of course, You will learn the language yourself, learn the vocabulary, but under the constant supervision of a teacher, then success in learning, correct pronunciation of words and sentences will be obvious.

At school you will find an experienced online Swedish language teacher, with whom it is easy to learn Swedish from a distance and in a short time and achieve the desired result.

In order to provide you with a wide range of educational materials, you will be provided with cognitive literature abroad that will help you learn the material faster.

In addition, you will be provided with a flexible training program, the ability to take lessons online at any time, with the ability to immediately reschedule events.

Moreover, distance learning is relatively inexpensive, which can save you money. Here, the main focus is on setting the correct pronunciation, i.e. on teaching reading and phonetics.

In grammar the emphasis is on the construction of word order.

At this level, she learns the basics of family communication. This level is also useful for people who are learning the basics of Swedish to travel around the Scandinavian countries. I wish you a good morning."I don't speak the European language. My daughter lives in Sweden. She calls to stay with her. Many years ago I studied French at the University, but now I have completely forgotten. Gradually, I want to learn Swedish. Thanks for your attention. I am a high school student in Sweden, and I need a teacher to spell check my spelling.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions.

I want to learn Swedish so that I can go to the ski resort for a long time. Unfortunately, I don't know the language, but I would like to learn it. I would like to learn Swedish online. We need knowledge to communicate at home. I studied German earlier in school. I want to clean up my Swedish, which I've been studying for a long time. If possible online.

The frequency of once a week.

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely, Hello Vic.

I like the Swedish language.

Once I was with friends in Sweden and fell in love with this country.

I'd like to live there. I have a friend in Sweden, but I don't talk much. I barely understood what he was saying. I would like to know how the proposals are made. And don't cut it all of them in a bunch.

I can do this once a week.

It is planned to move to Sweden, where language skills are zero. I speak English.

I want to increase the minimum possible base in Sweden.

Classes should be held in the evening or on weekends during the week. Knowledge of the original language. I speak English and French. Classes should be held in the evening or on weekends. I have been living in Sweden for a year now, and I know that I cannot speak fluent French and English as well as I would recommend. I would like to start training as soon as possible.

At the elementary level, I speak English and French.

I started learning Swedish in a group and it took a while. Now I am in Sweden, on a language course, but at a distance, not in a group. I need the teacher's support. once a week during the day. I want to start studying, my level is zero, I have been in Stockholm for more than a year, I have a few phrases. I plan to move to Sweden and live there in a few years months, so I want to make at least one spoken speech and read. I'm waiting for an answer. I would like to start by learning Swedish Skype.

I can speak and understand a little, but in principle, the level is zero.

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