Where to meet New People in Rome - things to Do in Rome

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If you are looking for a magical place and cute for stupirla at your first meeting we recommend the ZODIAC to Monte Mario. A bar and restaurant very nice, but you can go there just for a walk. And the highest point of Rome, from here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the northern part of the city. Otherwise, you can go on the wall of the Janiculum, also in this case the beautiful romantic view from the top.

The district where to search for a bar for an aperitif we recommend Trastevere and Monti.

In the first case, very nice Brakes and Clutches, which is located on Via del Politeama. Also circus maximus, in the lawns are a great area to meet new people of day, age, however, low good guide, well done, I would add two seats to the summer, Fregene, especially the aperitif on Sunday evening at SINGITA, and Host the various clubs on the Saturday evening on the Waterfront. to get to know foreign women in Rome I the council is still the Square of Spain, but only during the day, it is not as it once was but it's always full of cute girls, local singles in Rome that are fashionable lately are the VOODOO of the Colle Oppio and the Butterfly Hotel, in via Guido Reni. Both in the open, in the first the age is more low, in the second there are several years. The Butterfly hotel you can also dine in but need to book in advance, while the Voodoo only cocktails and appetizers. To get to the Voodoo after the there might be problems, while at the other there are people at the door that control, at least to the time.

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